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Luck, Money and Prosperity Oil 0.5 ml with dropper

Luck, Money and Prosperity Oil 0.5 ml with dropper

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Lucky Money Prosperity Oil – Limited Edition - Lion’s Gate Portal Blend

Erica’s products are handcrafted with divine intention, love & light. Each ingredient is energetically cleansed and imbued with divine intentions for the highest good.

This limited-edition Lion’s Gate Portal blend has been additionally infused with the energy of the 2023 Lion’s Gate Portal. The Lion’s Gate Portal is an annual cosmic alignment occurring during Leo season, where Earth, Sirius, and Orion align within the Leo constellations. This alignment creates a potent energy gateway associated with manifestation, spiritual healing, and transformation. This oil was placed overnight directly under the moonlight on the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8/8 which resulted in this oil completely capturing this potent energy.

This oil was also placed overnight directly under the moonlight during the peak of the Leo new moon on 8/16. The energy of this new moon brought powerful energy for creative self-reinvention. This energy in combination with the energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal results in a SUPERCHARGED lucky manifestation oil that will help bring in not only loads of luck, but money, abundance, and prosperity to its user. The energy infused in this batch is extremely rare and super potent, so grab it while you can!

- Grapeseed oil
- Bay leaf
- Chamomile
- Cinnamon
- Mint
- Basil
- Rose petals
- Sugar
- Star anise
- Jasmine
- Cloves

The glitter used in this oil is cosmetic grade (safe for use on the skin) and safe to put onto candles.

Possible uses
- Anoint candles, your vision board, jewelry, or other items.
- Put some on/around your money alter area.
- Can be used in luck, prosperity, and abundance related rituals.
- Can put some on your doorstep to welcome money and prosperity into your home or business.
- Can use a couple of drops to anoint your wallet.
- Rub some on your hands (especially when doing activities related to money such as playing lottery, casino, doing work related do your job or business)
- Whatever you feel is right!


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