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Pain and Fatigue Bath-allion (2-pack)

Pain and Fatigue Bath-allion (2-pack)

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Pain and Fatigue Bath-allion (2-pack) 

We carefully researched what helps our muscles, mind and body and came up with our bath soak, pre-measured in a large tea bag. You can place it inside a muslin cloth if you want to re-use the pack.


Magnesium citrate flakes which gets assimilated better through skin than orally per research. Magnesium is touted to relax muscles.We massaged the flakes with White Sage fragrance oil which helps detox and release negativities.

HealinGifts' Proprietary herbal pain blend: lots of Arnica, lavender, calendula, rose buds, rosemary, peppermint and spearmint. 

Try it! You can add some of our Negrita and Amole shampoo-gel into your tub, if you wants more bubbles. 

Not to heat tub water more than 101'F please.

Please test first for allergies and sensitivities.

Please read our disclaimer prior to purchase. 

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