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Tachyonized Pure Silk Elegance Scarf

Tachyonized Pure Silk Elegance Scarf

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Tachyonized Pure Silk Elegance Scarf

This all new offering is a beautiful Tachyonized 100% Satin Silk Scarf. Our thickest, softest scarf ever.  Historically Tachyonized scarves have been used by men and women alike with equal results in reducing stress and balancing energies.

These sumptuous silk scarves are perfect to upgrade your wardrobe while balancing and soothing your soul.  These Tachyonized 100% pure Silk Scarves come in several colors, so you can choose one for every outfit, or wear a neutral color under your clothes. So, go for it! Jazz up your spirit and your wardrobe.


This balancing tool can be worn in a variety of ways. Use it as a sash, belt, or neck scarf. You can also lay it over the chakras during meditation.


175cm X 55cm
69" X  21"


100% Pure Tachyonized Satin silk.  Please dry clean or hand wash with a mild soap in cool water, then allow to air dry.



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