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Shepherd's Purse Herb

Shepherd's Purse Herb

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Shepherd's Purse Herb

Botanical Name: Capsella bursa pastoris

Common Names: Cocowort, shepherd's heart, pickpocket, toywort, St. James' weed, St. James' wort, St. Anthony's fire

Origin: Europe

The botanical name for Shepherd's Purse Herb plant is Capsella bursa pastoris. It also goes by several common names, including St. Anthony's fire, St. James' wort, St. James weed, toywort, cocowort, pickpocket and shepherd's heart. As with many dried herbs, it is most potent the fresher it is, and should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dark place and replaced yearly.

Shepherd’s purse, or Capsella bursa-pastoris, is a flowering plant in the mustard family.

Introducing Shepherd's Purse Herb, nature's powerful ally for various health concerns. Packed with astringent, haemostatic, coagulant, and styptic properties, this herb is a true multitasker. It effectively stops bleeding by contracting blood vessels and organic tissue, reducing secretions and discharges from the body.

Shepherd's purse has long been used as a domestic remedy for treating both internal and external bleeding as well as diarrhea. Its tea is renowned for its ability to address hemorrhages in the stomach, lungs, uterus, and kidneys.

This versatile herb also offers diuretic properties, promoting increased urine volume and flow to cleanse the urinary system. It aids in abscesses and ulcerated conditions of the bladder and ureters. Additionally, Shepherd's Purse Herb helps alleviate irritation of the urinary tract caused by uric acid or insoluble phosphates or carbonates. It is also effective for kidney complaints and bedwetting in children.

Not only does Shepherd's Purse Herb stimulate tissues to provide more energy, acting as a general tonic, but it has also been recognized as a folk remedy with potential anti-cancer properties.

Harness the natural power of Shepherd's Purse Herb to address your health needs holistically.

    In modern supplements and traditional medicine, the stems, leaves, and flowers of the plant are used

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