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Mini Ritual Candles Assortment ( 4 inches)

Mini Ritual Candles Assortment ( 4 inches)

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Color with Benefits

Mini Ritual Candles Assortment 

Height  :  4 inches

Diameter  :  0.5 inches

Made in China

Our mini ritual candle assortment contains different colors and can be purchased in 1 each- specify color, pack of 3  - specify color and pack of 12 (dozen)  specify color.

Colors play an important role in our lives and even when we do creative work or meditate, we can lend distinctive vibrations and focus our intentions better through the burning of different colored candles.

We respect all beliefs and universal color meanings denotes different ends each one wants to meet in their  meditation, prayers and rituals. Some color therapists, who specializes in this field, shared that candles gives us a way to combine color frequency with fire frequency, resulting in  a  big frequency exchange and cleanse. Other use it for communicating with spirits, guides and the universe. Watching a candle burn can be fascinating. As a child, I saw different forms, flame dances and created a peace within me  (Maria/HealinGifts). 

Here are the meanings of different candle colors in general:

🤍White candles – Destruction of negative energy, peace, truth and purity.
💜Purple candles – Spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility.
💫Lavender candles – Intuition, paranormal, peace, healing.
💙Blue and deep blue candles – Meditation, healing, forgiveness, inspiration, fidelity, happiness, and opening lines of communication.
💚Green candles – Money, fertility, luck, abundance, health, success.
💗Rose and pink candles – Positive self love, friendship, harmony, joy.
💛Yellow candles – Realizing and manifesting thoughts, confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, clairvoyance.
🧡Orange candles – Joy, energy, education, strength, attraction, stimulation.
❤️Red or deep red candles – Passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality, courage.
🖤Black candles – Protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others.
💫Silver candles – Goddess or feminine energy, remove negativity, psychic development.
💫Gold candles – Male energy, solar energy, fortune, spiritual attainment.
It's important to keep your mind body and spirt in alignment.


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