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Chill and Relax Tea Blend

Chill and Relax Tea Blend

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Chill and Relax Tea Blend
A peaceful combination of soothing herbs which is perfect at the end of a long day to help relax one’s mind and body. It is a mild-bodied tea with a prominent minty flavor and aroma which comes from the peppermint and spearmint, along with a delicate floral taste from the chamomile. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Catnip leaf,  Skullcap herb, Chamomile flower,  Lemon balm leaf, Peppermint leaf, Spearmint leaf, and  Oatstraw.

Directions: Add 1 teaspoon of the mix in a strainer or infuser, into your cup of hot water, simmer for 10 minutes, relax and enjoy. Get some sleep!

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