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Palo Santo 10 ml Fragrance oil

Palo Santo 10 ml Fragrance oil

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Palo Santo 10 ml Fragrance oil By Green Tree 

Height in Inches: 2.75
Diameter in Inches: .75
Green Tree symbolizes precious valued natural products that can only be discovered during world trips across different continents and trough all kinds of cultures and unknown corners. Green Tree fragrance oils are crafted in India.

These fragrance oils are suitable for use in oil burners, potpourri bowls, and other similar room-fragrancing applications. First time using an aroma burner? Fill the aroma burner with water and add about 5 drops of the fragrance oil. Light the tea light and place it under the aroma holder. Once the water is heated and evaporated, the aromatic odor will rise.

Please note: Fragrance oils are not perfume or massage oils and should not be applied to the skin.
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