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Nettle Root cut and sifted

Nettle Root cut and sifted

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*Nettle Root c/s  

Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Common Names: Stinging nettle, common nettle, greater nettle

Origin: Albania  Croatia

Included in our Allergy Kit #1

Often referred to simply as Nettles, the Stinging Nettle is a well-known herb that helps with seasonal allergies. The stinging nettle plant earns its name by causing a stinging sensation when its fine hairs come into contact with the skin. By crushing the herbs, we get rid of the "sting" and are left with a wonderful herb that can be taken as a tea, in a tincture, or in capsules. It can even be used in topical creams to soothe the skin. Nettle has anti-inflammatory properties that not only soothe the lungs and nasal passages, but can also help with stiff joints and muscles. 

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