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Healingifts Herbs and Healing

Healingifts Infection Fighting herbs House blend

Healingifts Infection Fighting herbs House blend

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House blended almost powderized herb combination found in scientific studies  with properties to fight infection.

Osha or Bear Root (Chuchupate)

Lian Qiao

Mullein flowers (Gordolobo)

Cota /Indian tea / Thelesperma




Mexican Oregano


Lemon Balm


Cinchona (Quina Roja)

Brigham tea (Canutillo)


A great value. Blended in small batches only to assure freshness. 


Suggest to add a tablespoon of the herbal blend to a filter and cup of 8 oz boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes, drink every 6 hours as needed for symptoms.

Please seek your own health provider for advice, especially if you are pregnant, lactating, elderly, those with medications, prescriptions and below 18 years of age. Not for children. Keep away from children.

This is for educational and selling purposes only, not FDA approved, no claims made by this website.


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