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Green Tea in tea bags gift ready

Green Tea in tea bags gift ready

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Premium Green  Tea 8 tea bags gift box ready  TASTY !!!! Order more get discounts!

Directions:  Pour 1 cup boiling water over tea bag. Let steep 10 minutes. Remove the tea bag, squeeze gently into the cup. For iced tea, brew double strength. Drink three or more cups daily. Try it with lemon & honey, or your favorite sweetener.
Serving Size:  One (1) cup brewed tea
Ingredients:  Green Tea Leaf 1 teaspoon
Great source of anti-oxidants!

This is best taken as tea, to extract the much needed nutrients it has. Check out our blended tea bags, to improve taste and an enjoyable tea time !

Our tea bags are chlorine free , unbleached, sturdy and filters particles well but allows easily solubility of the tea nutrients.   Enjoy chemical free tea bags and FDA compliant Kraft boxes.


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