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French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 350 ml or large 800 ml

French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 350 ml or large 800 ml

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Brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea with our French Press Coffee and Tea Maker. This 350 ml press features an easy-to-use french press and a tea infuser for versatile brewing. Savor every sip with the convenience and flavor of our product.

French Press Coffee and Tea Maker  350 ml and 800 ml   Brand: Any Morning

HIGH QUALITY FRENCH PRESS: The body of the Any Morning french press is made of durable plastic that protects the glass beaker from cracks and scratches, as well as protecting surfaces from heat damage. The plunger and the filters are made of stainless steel to add durability while in use


CAPACITY: Volume: 11.80 oz 350 Ml, Height: 5.5 in 14 cm, Weight: 14 oz 400 g (for approx. 2 small cups or 1 large cup)

3-LAYER FILTERING: Advanced filter system separates the ground coffee beans from the water smoothly. It makes sure that water goes through but no ground coffee. Moreover, preserves the rich taste and robust aroma while maintaining the natural oils of the ground coffee

BOROSILICATE GLASS: French press coffee maker features a durable and strong borosilicate beaker. You have precise control over the strength of the coffee because it allows you to observe the brewing process and stop it when it’s exactly right

EASY TO CLEAN: To preserve the longevity, handwashing is recommended.

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