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Copal Oro Gold Pieces Wildcrafted

Copal Oro Gold Pieces Wildcrafted

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Premium Copal Resin Incense for Cleansing, Meditation, Yoga, Home Aromatherapy


Botanical Name: Shorea javanica

Common Names: Elephant tree

Origin: Indonesia

Used on charcoal in a charcoal burner.
Warning: For external use only.

The resinous material secreted by numerous tree genera is known as copal in general. These trees typically grow in tropical regions, and native people have historically used the resin from these trees in ceremonial contexts. From the Shorea javanica comes our copal resin. Traditionally, copal is used to make incense.

Copal, used more broadly, refers to resinous materials that are between "gummier" resins and amber in terms of polymerization and hardness. Copal is a derivative of the Nahuatl word copalli, which means "incense." Copal has a long history of use in ceremonial ritual offerings to the gods by the Maya and Aztec peoples. Several indigenous people still use it, along with sacred mushrooms, during sweat lodge ceremonies in southern Mexico and Central America.

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