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Ajenjo/Mexican Wormwood

Ajenjo/Mexican Wormwood

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*Ajenjo or Mexican Wormwood or Absinthe Absenta

Scientific Name:

Artemisia absinthium L.

Other Common Name:

Ajenjo, hierba maestra, hierba santa.

Parts of the plant used:

Principally, the stems and leaves.

How is it used?

Wormwood is used mostly as tea.

Great for gallbladder support.

Safety / Precautions

  • There are many species that are known as “Wormwood” in the U. S. or “estafiate” and “ajenjo” in Mexico. Positive identification of the correct species of “wormwood” is often difficult and should not be attempted by the lay person, as erroneous identification of a plant could result in negative effects of the plant upon the user.
  • Wormwood can stimulate the uterus to contract and can also toxic to the nervous system if taken in large amounts. Avoid this herb in any form during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Avoid use in small children, especially those less than 6 years of age.
  • Do not use wormwood if taking medication for seizures and avoid in patients who suffer nervous disorders.
  • Do not ingest if you have cirrhosis, hepatitis, gall bladder obstruction or kidney disease.
  • People with stomach or intestinal ulcers should avoid this herb, due to its potentially irritating action.
  • Treatment with wormwood teas should not be prolonged for more than a few days.
  • Wormwood’s essential oil should never be used internally, because of its toxicity.
  • An alcoholic beverage made from wormwood, popularly known in Europe as “Absinthe” or “Green Fairy”, is addictive and very toxic to the nervous system. For this reason, many countries banned its use early in the twentieth century.

*Before you decide to take any medicinal herb or herbal supplement, be sure to consult with your health care professional first. Avoid self-medication and self-diagnosis: Always be on the safe side!

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