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5G Bedroom Kit

5G Bedroom Kit

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A 5G-Power Pick™  

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so why not put some effort into making it a pleasant place to be? A place where your biological system will be charged and balanced throughout the whole night? The idea that "a single product does it all" does not work in the 5G World. To thrive in the 5G World, we must elevate our energetic systems to become a superconductor. In this kit we offer the tools that will help achieve this goal in your bedroom environment.
Sorry - No product substitutions are available in the 5G kits.


5G has by far one of the most disruptive biological potentials on the planet. 5G saturation is upon us and governments don't care how it affects the biological systems. We must be proactive to thrive in this 5G world. Soon, there will be no place to hide from 5G. The disruptive 5G field affects every person differently, but makes no mistake and every person is affected by 5G. The link between 5G and social, spiritual, disease, and disorder has already been proven. 

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