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We sell also sell holistic items, like crystals, candles, incense, smudge sticks, jewelry, amulets, and other energetic products.

With the recent pandemic, we see a big demand for our herbs, like Quina Roja, Lian Qiang, Palo Azul, Yerba Manza, Osha herb.  Please see our communication in our blog here, please subscribe to our Facebook look for healingifts.

Products are lined up by categories or collections. If your product is unavailable, Please continue to order and check out, your product will be ordered and shipped in 2-4 weeks. We have established suppliers. It is impossible to stock all holistic items. By doing this, we can make available all relevant and in-demand for you. Please let us know if you want to pay expedited shipping, especially with important herbs. We will do our best to deliver at the right time. Communication is important. We have near-wholesale prices every day.  Please let us know if ours is not reasonable. 

Shipping rates are affordable, changes from day to day. Lease note USPS announced that first class mails have longer delivery times now.

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We are starting our testimonials page, blogs, to communicate pertinent information. 

Due to the dwindling economy, people started being in charge of themselves. Please arm yourself with proven scientific information. Testimonials are important because it is from each other's heartfelt experience. 

We hope for your patience, consideration, we are updating our website on a daily basis. 

Please call us (505) 317-7191  if you are stopping by during business hours  and Reiki Healing is available through appointment.

We try to upload all our products via the website, so you have an idea of what we stock. Other great holistic items and herbs and supplements are by demand basis. We can order this after payment and shipped in 2-4 weeks. 

We appreciate your business. That is how a small business establishment can stay afloat in business for the first five years. Even mega corporations lately fold up, especially during pandemic times now,  maybe from not having a sound business sense with a hard-up economy. Right now, our business is essential for your health and well-being. We ship to most states, international shipping is available.  We are visible on Amazon and eBay, Etsy soon  as well.

We have a minimum order of $10.00 to process credit card, discount codes or PayPal payments, thank you. Shipping is not included in discount code.

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We are adding products on a daily basis, please be patient or email us for your needs! 

By your patronage, will enable us to help others in need. 

Light, Love, and Healing,

Andrew Suyat  CEO Healingifts.