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Tachyon Pashmina Scarf

Tachyon Pashmina Scarf

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This New Tachyonized™ Pashmina Scarf is colorful yet elegant, and it attracts large quantities of life force (Tachyon) energy. Perfect for evenings out or for sitting meditation, and an elegant choice to help balance your energy field. The lightweight fine pashmina blend makes it the perfect traveling companion. Jazz up your wardrobe as well as your life. Be creative and enjoy this large Tachyon scarf every day and have fun!


This balancing tool can be worn in a variety of ways. Use it as a sash, belt, or neck scarf. You can also lay it over the chakras during meditation.


Extra Large Pashmina Scarf with Tassels.
Approximate Size: 23” x 70” (60cm x 180cm).


Burgundy, camel, sapphire, purple and pink

PLEASE NOTE: As shown in the pictures, pashmina scarves in burgundy, camel and sapphire color have the Tachyon Logo embroidered on the scarf.  Pashmina scarves in purple and pink are without the embroidered Tachyon Logo.


Hand wash with mild soap and line dry to preserve the integrity of the material.



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