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Sage leaves loose

Sage leaves loose

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Experience the incredible benefits of our all-natural White Sage Leaves! Carefully and ethically sourced from California, this sacred herb is perfect for purifying and ridding your surroundings or yourself of negative energy. With its unmistakable earthy scent, this top-quality sage is ideal for all your ritual needs. Use it for smudging or to make your own smudge sticks with our loose leaf option. Available in small or bulk quantities, simply select the desired amount from the drop-down menu. Please note that as a natural product, there may be slight variations in each batch. Smudging has been a long-standing tradition in many cultures, including indigenous communities in North America, for spiritual purification and blessings. Our sage's smoke is believed to cleanse and protect a space or person, while also helping to reconnect with Mother Earth. To ensure proper ventilation, please open all doors and windows when smudging and do not use near infants, young children, or pregnant individuals. Remember to never leave burning sage unattended.


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