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Healingifts Herbs and Healing



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Prodigiosa , also known as Brickellia canvanillesi is one of the most important bitter herb popular from its origins in Southwesterm North America, Mexico and New Mexico.   It has bitter taste, when made into herbal tea. One of our best sellers.

Discover the power of Prodigiosa, the extraordinary plant known for its remarkable healing properties. Also referred to as "Mexican clover" or "bitter herb," Prodigiosa has captivated the attention of health enthusiasts worldwide. Backed by centuries of traditional use, this herbal wonder has been embraced by Dr. Sebi, a renowned natural healer. Unlock the potential of Prodigiosa and experience its multitude of health benefits for yourself. Harness nature's wisdom with this extraordinary plant today.

Please check with your own health provider prior to use.

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