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Aphrodesia Perfume Oil by Song of India

Aphrodesia Perfume Oil by Song of India

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Aphrodesia Perfume Oil - Fancy hand-blown glass bottle - 5ml

Song of India Perfume Oil Aphrodisia is made from pure essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, and wood. These are the most long lasting fragrances in the world. Their shelf life is very long, 5-10-15 years. As they get older they mature and become darker, thicker, and more pleasant in fragrance.

Blend details: Jasminum Officinal oil In hand blown artistic glass bottle. 
How to open: Dip the neck of your artistic hand-made bottle in lukewarm water for 30 seconds. Gently twist to open the lid. Remove the seal from the lid while it is still wet. A great amount of care is required while handling and opening of this bottle. 

R-Expo (India) has been manufacturing fragrant oils since 1932. The tradition has been handed down in the Mathur Family to the present fourth generation. The continuous effort has been to create and produce fragrances which are pleasing to the human sense of scents. They have strived to avoid the sharp tones or strong irritating scents. With an untiring effort  Song of India are able to present the most pleasing and soft fragrances to all our esteemed customers worldwide.


Enjoy the beautiful fragrance. Boil in aroma Lamps, Burn in Aroma Rings, Add to your favourite massage oil, rub a little in your palms and pat gently on your casual clothes, bed sheet or curtains.

Specifications for Song of India Perfume Oil Aphrodisia

Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly. 




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