Recent Developments at Healingifts

We know we are your favorite health store, far or near. We are friendly, down to earth family-run business.Slowly, big conglomerates are noticing us, with our consistent positive reviews in our marketing channels, such as our own Shopify website, (, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yelp and currently Walmart. With a lot of changes in our world, Healingifts is walking in stride with the changes. We recently moved from retailing to curbside pick-ups locally Albuquerque, to stay healthy, both for you and us. We apologize for the inconvenience, we have a lot of inventories, but not yet in our website.  Feel free to order, a lot of our VIP customers in the past are coming back with bulk herb orders, and that is our vision, to reward you with the lowest possible offers for our products!

Our Fulfillment and Healing Center  will hopefully get moved to our new location in Downtown Albuquerque soon in May, (renovation in progress),  so local folks can enjoy calling or ordering from our website and ready pick-up in our office parking lot. Our gratitude to you for hanging in there with us, as we are expanding our services and business!

Please feel free to let us know your experiences and needs. We are still here now, because of you!

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