Cleansing your body , detox tea is popular now a days

Cleansing your body , detox tea is popular now a days

Is there benefit of taking detox herbal tea occasionally or daily?

Metaphor your body with your house. Don't you regularly clean your house to prevent infection and opportunistic pests? Same with your body and overall health.

Detox teas often have herbs that are natural cleaners: your gut, your blood, and urine. In short, organs whose functions are to detoxify your body are the liver, intestines, blood, lymph glands and kidneys. Take care of them, do not over work them by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits will be less gas and bloating, less constipation, boost metabolism, less appetite, potential to lose weight.

May improve your mood, since you feel lighter and boost your immune system, since most of the herbs have anti-inflammatory properties.

How about your skin? Clearer since the pollutants that damage your skin will be gone!

Now, when will you drink a cup of detox tea? We recommend in the mornings, before even drinking your prescriptions. Our cleansing detox tea does NOT contain caffeine nor senna herb, which is a laxative.

Please drink plenty of water and stay hydrated ! Adding lemon, apple cider vinegar and a pinch of sea salt to the water also helps, unless your medical condition has a limitation.

Oh, and it is not for everybody. Please consult with your health provider prior to starting any herbal supplementation. Please incorporate a balanced diet, exercise, and hydration alongside any detox regimen.
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