Advantages of premeasured tea bags

Advantages of premeasured tea bags

You maybe wondering how the leaves,flowers and stems get into your cup and make a tea out of it ?  At HealinGifts, we remove the guesswork.  It is difficult to find quality herbs in tea bags. We have it! We eliminated staples, strings, extra papers, tea bags are chemical free and unbleached! FDA food grade packaging in paper Kraft boxes with clear PET window ! We uphold our vison and mission:


Healingifts healthy products and services will be available worldwide while addressing issues in quality control, sustainability, and equity in our supply chains.


Be a channel to provide healthy products and healing services at affordable prices while building a sustainable workforce.

Providing you with teas had been a challenge to us, granting that we need to provide quality herbs and sustainable packaging , gift ready and at affordable prices.

Each box contains 8-15 tea bags, hand-packaged with blessings!

Pre-measured tea bags insure that you are taking the right amount of herbs per serving of a cup of hot water 6-8 ounces.

HealinGifts Advantages are:

  • Standard tea bag of 1 teaspoon to use as pleasure or remedy
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • No added chemicals 
  • No staples
  • No strings
  • Gift-ready
  • Portable, fits in small purses and back-packs


Drink your tea anywhere !

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