Ways to slim out with teas !

Ways to slim out with teas !

On our previous blog post, we explored some causes of weight gain aside from excessive eating habits. 

Weight problems worsen if we have digestive difficulties, stress,  and poor circulation. The issues I  just mentioned hinders assimilation of good nutrients (takes place in our small intestines) and elimination of waste ( takes place in large intestines).

Get accustomed to herbal teas with bitters because they help with digestion, cleanse our body, and bring new vitality to your system.

Some herbal teas that are diuretics help to prevent water retention and bloating.

Some herbal teas give us strength in times of stress, so we automatically lose the cues in our brain for stress-eating,  seeking the comfort In  foods.

Additional, herbal teas do not have calories or fat. There are sweet teas to ease cravings, and teas to aid in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There is a feeling of satiety, so we don't have to worry or feel depleted with energy with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in herbal teas. There herbal teas also help to curb appetite between meals.

More advantages would be cheaper cost to brew your tea, get the real nutrients from herbs (not processed) and improves hydration without added sugar.

HealinGifts heard you! Most of our customers suggested they need a quicker method of getting their herbal tea while saving money because extracts and capsules do cost more.

We are starting our line of teabags , both one herb and blended herbs for taste. If you have favorite herbs, let us know and we will custom blend it for you.

Just yesterday, we had a customer that wants a blended herb soak/steamed after miscarriage, to help curb pain, and promote healing with her uterus.  She can steam or put into a sitz bath ( A sitz bath is a warm water bath you sit in to relieve discomfort in your perineal region) to external heal herself. We came up with a blend and she is very happy with it.

Next blog, more information about herbs that help us lose weight gradually and pin point root causes. 

We do have a bitter herb blend you can check out!

Best regards,

Maria Angeles, RN

Holistic Health Practitioner

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