HealinGifts adds a spice for herbal Tea blends

HealinGifts adds a spice for herbal Tea blends


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#healingift    will start blending some #herbaltea   as Blends. Usually we use 1 teaspoon with the main herb and 1/4 teaspoon with the flavor/spice. Avoid adding sugar please in your tea.

Why Cinnamon?

Ground Cinnamon 1%oil is warming, spicy, with a sweet, calming nature which will enhance Blends for cold conditions such as colds, chills, arthritis, and rheumatism. Feel the warmth as you drink it, and derive some health benefits such as digestive aid, circulatory  cleansing and clearing! Make your own research on this fine, elegant herb and discover so many benefits for your health.

Research published in National Institute of Health (NIH)  by Rao & Gan (2014) doi: 10.1155/2014/642942 describes cinnamon as a multifaceted medicinal plant. 

We don't need to eat cinnamon buns and biscuits  simply add it to your herbs and teas.

HealinGifts will add cinnamon as spice to green teas, herbs such as prodigiosa, palo azul, palo brasil and yerba sapo, to improve taste and benefits.







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