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Healingifts Herbs and Healing

Healing and Balancing

Healing and Balancing

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Chakras are energy systems throughout your body. According to the belief system, They control physical, psychological, and spiritual functions.

Balancing chakras is the process of tending to these areas of your body and thoughts so that you may feel more aligned, authentic, and healthy. Chakra balancing does not require being an expert or belief in the supernatural.

When all of the seven chakras are opened and aligned, positive energy is able to flow throughout, and negative energy is easily dispelled. Opened chakras help us to receive positive energy from others, thereby improving our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

When you feel something not working out right, time to check us out!  

Maria had sensed healing energy out of her hands since her youth. From then she started her own healing journey from within, and now shares with humanity. She uses different healing tools, such as smudging, pendulum, crystals, Tachyon cocoon. For finishing touches, a smudging of palo santo completes a feeling of rejuvenation! 

Get your 1 hour appointment now! Pre-paid appointments preferred. Virtual appointments per request. Must have a good zoom connection.

10 minutes set-up, chakra reading

20 minutes cleansing of your energetic field

20 minutes infusing of vibrant healing energy, includes Reiki energy infusing, Tachyon quartz bidirectional neutralizing and smudging.

Healing audio 532 hz frequency surrounds the whole journey!

10 minutes sharing.

 Bio. Maria Angeles RN MBA 

Nurse since 1980. Business entrepreneur.

Professional healer since 2005. Reiki certified, Tachyon energy healer. 

All positive testimonials.


Venue is at our designated space at Paradise Hills / Albuquerque, NM 87114.

Virtual Zoom appointments accepted.

Must pre-pay all appointments and call Maria  with your preferences.




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