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Tachyon Holistic Healing by Maria

Tachyon Holistic Healing by Maria

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Tachyon Holistic Healing by Maria 


Unleash the healing powers of Tachyon energy with Tachyon Holistic Healing by Maria, performed healing for more than 20 years now, with excellent reviews from her clients. She has innate gifts and intuition that she wants to share with mankind.

Experience the transformative effects of an in-person session with renowned healer and scientific producer of tachyon technology David Wagner. Venue is in the beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico - just a short trip from the airport. Email Maria your plans so we can schedule a convenient time.  Afternoon weekday and weekends are preferable.

Tachyon has revolutionized lives, restored health, and evolved those who are spiritually attuned. It has also proven its value through extensive research. Personally, I have been transformed by learning to ride the tachyon wave wherever it appears. My journey has been one of self-discovery, realization, and wonder at the clear grand plan that guides us all. Tachyon energy represents the merging of science and spirituality, creating a new paradigm that is truly remarkable. It allows us to embrace life with love, inner harmony, and the merging of energies, resulting in sublime cooperation, joy, and peace in our relationships. Tachyon energy is an invaluable part of a holistic lifestyle that promotes healing for our body, mind, spirit, and planet. It opens a doorway to experiencing divine radiance and the joy of our own inner radiance.

Bed is  tachyonized . Maria will check your chakra status. Maria will place 7 tachyonized crystals to your chakra points (spine area and forehead). Tachyon cocoon technology and Reiki spiritual energy  will surround you.  Silica discs to your palms and soles of your feet. Smudging with sage and frankincense/ palo santo will be your preference.  Your chart and information will be sent home with you.  Let me know how you feel right after . <3


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